NexText is a new and exciting CRTC approved, Transit SMS advertising platform being used by over 3½ million transit riders each month.

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How to Request bus times - Vancouver


To request Next Bus times from TransLink, a customer must text a bus stop number and a bus route number to 33333 in order to receive the next two departure times; texting the stop number without a route will return the bus routes that service the stop but no accompanying times.


Texting stops with one bus number

Text the bus stop number and bus route number to 33333 and within seconds, you'll receive the next two departure times for that bus route at that stop. You must include a bus route number in order to get times.

The predicted departure times are based on the GPS location of the buses and update approximately every two minutes, but sometimes only scheduled times will be available. Scheduled times are marked with an asterisk (*). When a service is cancelled, the arrival time will be marked with a "C".


Texting stops for two or more bus routes

If you need times for multiple bus routes that service your stop, enter the stop number and up to two bus routes, and text 33333. You'll get the next two departure times for each bus route in separate texts.

You can only request up to two bus routes per text. If three or more bus routes are listed at a stop, and you want times for all of them, an additional text message will need to be sent (example: 54446 240 246 and 54446 241).

For help text "HELP" to 33333.

Note: TransLink doesn't charge customers for this service, but standard carrier text messaging charges may apply. To keep costs associated with NexText from being passed along to customers, NexText uses an advertising-based service. When you use NexText, an ad and/or link might appear in the text message. If you don't want to receive these ads, please use TransLink's mobile website for Next Bus times.

How to Request bus times - Calgary


In order for Calgary Transit to provide simple and accurate bus arrival times in the NEXTEXT service, the system is changing from accepting just a stop number to requiring the Stop number & Route number. Calgary Transit has a number of stops with multiple routes that returns an array of information that can exceed the limited character count of texting.

NEXTEXT will accept up to two route numbers and the request format couldn't be simpler:

Just type the stop number, space and the route number to 74000.

Example for stops with one route

To request bus times for stop number 7643, text 7643 38 as follows to 74000:


Example for stops with two or more routes

To request bus times for stop number 5778 on routes 20 and 72, text 5778 20 72 as follows to 74000 and receive a response for each route. You can specify up to two routes at a time.


Enjoy using NEXTEXT! This service is offered at no charge, however, standard text messaging and data rates apply.